Videofied is video alarm security like you've never seen before

New Indoor MotionViewer Color Camera

The new Indoor MotionViewer delivers color video in the day and monochrome video in the dark. Using Look-in with the Smartphone App allows the owner to send any MotionViewer a real time video or photo request and receive the video clip or photo on their smartphone. While most of the videos of arrests are in monochrome from our monochrome MotionViewers, the video to the right is an example of an arrest from the color Indoor MotionViewer.

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Look-in capabilities on your smartphone.

Get peace of mind, even when you're on the go. An interactive smartphone app makes it easy to arm and disarm your system or request a Look-in from any MotionViewer at any time. 

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Upgrade your existing security system

Videofied is the most cost-effective way to upgrade existing alarm and camera systems.

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No special networks needed

The Videofied system transmits video alarms over the cellular network or IP network: quickly, consistently, and without compromising your privacy.

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Indoor or outdoor, right-where-you-need-it security.

First proven outdoors in the most remote locations and harsh environments, Videofied is a completely wireless system that installs anywhere you need it, runs on batteries and sends video alarms over a cellular network or IP network.

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